With 20+ years of experience spanning multiple industries & business sectors, we are uniquely positioned to tackle the challenges that the paint industry faces. We serve multiple regions ranging from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, catering to different needs and issues experienced when dealing with paint.

NTD Paints introduces the ultimate sustainable solution to the global paint industry. We offer white paint that has NO TiO2, NO VOC, and NO Pesticides. NTD Paints has developed the world’s only substitute for titanium dioxide that is healthy and just as white.

A standard can or bucket of paint can consist of up to 55% water. NTD Paints produces, packages, and transports white paint in the form of powder. In doing so, we minimize waste and maximize our water and carbon efficiency. NTD Paints has innovated and solved reoccurring problems within the regional paint industry by introducing NTD White 5.

We pride ourselves in assisting you with thorough consultation regarding current issues that you want to tackle and from there, we work with our team to present you with relevant test results. We strive to be the solution to your ongoing problems with paint and what better way to do that than by providing the most sustainable answer.

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NTD Paints is proud to be committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals