NTD White 3

NTD White 3 is a high-performance and mineral-based paint for interior and exterior walls and surfaces, fresh or previously coated. NTD White 3 provides a sustainable and toxic-free solution of the highest quality, as tested by independent institutions. From powder to paint in just three simple steps. Add Water, Add Powder, and Mix.

NTD White 3 is produced with NO Titanium Dioxide, NO VOCs, and NO Pesticides, making it much healthier and safer to work with. NTD White 3 also contributes to efficient use of water and minimizing waste because it is packaged in the form of powder.

NTD White 3 is certified, tested, and complies with the functional and regulatory requirements of the EU Eco-Label.

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for further information or contact us.


NTD White 3 Has…

NO Titanium Dioxide

As of 2021, the European Commission and the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) have classified titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a carcinogenic chemical, meaning that all paint products containing TiO2 in Europe and California, must be labelled with the warning ‘can cause cancer.

NTD White 3 contains the world’s only replacement for titanium dioxide that is healthy, safe, and just as white.


VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are harmful organic solvents that are released into the air through a process called ‘off-gassing.’ VOCs have proven to contribute to serious health conditions such as OBS (Painter’s disease) and SBS (Sick building syndrome), and plays a significant role in ozone layer depletion.

NTD White 3 does not have a ‘paint-smell’ and is the healthy solution for painters using the product.

NO Pesticides nor Biocides

Pesticides and biocides are chemicals used to protect paints from living organisms such as fungi and bacteria that grow in liquid paint. Acting as preservatives for paint products packaged in a can or bucket, these chemicals cause extremely dangerous health effects on human skin, eyes, raspatory system, nerve system, and other organs.

NTD White 3 does not contain any pesticides or biocides because it is produced and packaged in the form of powder. As a result, producers and painters come in contact with a much healthier and safer product.

NTD White 3 Solves Reoccurring Problems By…

Ultraviolet Resistant

Our product boasts excellent UV resistance and the ability to withstand heat stress.

Because of the white properties and pigments in our product, it is able to actively reflect sunlight, reduce heat stress, and even optimize the efficiency of solar panels.

Adhesion to Moist Surfaces

NTD White 3 is formulated so that it bonds properly to moist surfaces. By obtaining this property, NTD White 3 does not fall, peel or flake off a wall once it has been applied.

With NTD White 3, we can guarantee application on a surface up to 10% humidity for exterior stone facades. Because of this, we solve reoccurring issues in countries with high humidity levels and coastal areas.

Less Maintenance Requirements

Due to features such as excellent UV resistance and superior adhesion, NTD White 3 guarantees a significant reduction in maintenance requirements. Having been applied and tested for over 6 years, we can assure you that with NTD White 3, you will not have to undergo annual or biannual maintenance.

Testing results have shown that NTD White 3 could last significantly longer than many traditional paints.

Efficient use of Water and Waste

 Using NTD White 3 has multiple benefits including the efficient use of local water sources, significantly lighter transportation, and optimized waste management. NTD White 3 does not use water in the packaging. In doing so, NTD Paints transports a much lighter product and increases its carbon efficiency.

Additionally, by only mixing the needed quantity, users will not have any left-over paint which needs to be discarded. The powder that has not been mixed, can simply be put back on the shelf and used at another time.

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